Monday, December 29, 2008

Later Christmas day...
Not safe for gingerbread men,

And Santa seems to have missed the gingerbread house.

About 2pm we went to friends' place for drinks, food and cricket! It was Luisa's first time playing cricket. She got the hang of bowling really quickly.

Get him out!

And she was a natural with the bat.

Time for serious stuff - shoes off.

Then as all good Aussie backyard cricketers, a hard earned coldie.

A bit later and it was time for dinner.

First up - prawns.

Then baked ham - huge.

And turkey.

Then grandma's plum pudding and custard. It is flaming - just can't see it.

Boxing day saw "My Bar" sign go up.
The 28th saw a lot of wood chopping in the kitchen and the installation of the new induction stove by Luke. Llew had to cook on it straight away.

After it all, Peanuts was exhausted. Just let me sleep! But who wasn't like that?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
were smells of Llew's cooking
and gingerbread house.

We cracked all the crackers
and put on our hats
everyone got one
including the cat!

We had beer
we had wine

and cheesey fondue
Oh how devine!

It was just like in Germany,
except the weather was hot
but we ate all the fondue
snowing or not.

The last advent day

Peanuts wants paper!

One present each
to start off the caper.

Outside for a drink
Watched the sun set
A few phone calls home

And one stuck inside pet.

Next round of food
Was fondue hot pot
With beef, lamb and veges
tradition or not.
A family portrait
with all of our crowns
And then it was time

For the next round!

Chocolate fondue
with lots of cream
fruit and marshmallow
Oh what a dream!

Finally Christmas
and morning appeard
But we had to eat first
Pancakes! we cheered.

With sprinkles or chocolate
or maple syrup
However we had it
we gobbled it up.

Finally time
To open the gifts.

Santa delivered
and into we ripped.

Santa was generous
with big ones and small

We had so much fun
opening them all.

There may not be much snow
and it may not be white

But Merry Christmas to all
whatever your plight.

Pre Christmas

Luisa baked lots of Christmas cookies.

We wanted a real tree - but this is Rockhampton! We bought a small tree for next year, but it has to mature. So meantime... A plastic one!

Spreading out the branches.

Done. Family and friends.

The war of the Cristmas cake. One is Llew's, the other Pat's, but I'm not telling which is which :)

My gingerbread house.

Luisa's gingerbread house.

I made an advent calendar and Luisa has been opening one every day.