Friday, September 12, 2008

Photos of the move and the new house.

Starting to move things...

Boxes, all piling up.

Ah, the help was great.

Sheesh, so many boxes!

We can fit them all in, just need a little engineering!

Yep, and the bed will fit too.

2 truck loads and 7 car loads, it was time to unload. Easier said than done!

By about 2pm it was time for a beer.

First meal in the new house. Thai take away and champagne! Of course all we had at that point was a picnic table...

View. Need I say more?

The back yard. Slopus Maximus.

The patio will eventually need a roof as it has already rained and was annoying.

Lots of wildlife!

First meal cooked. It was pasta.

This table is actually small than we wanted - they delivered the wrong one! 6 weeks wait for the replacement, so they have left this one with us for the while.

On the hill, in the middle, at the top. Yep, that's it!

The garage needs some work, but at least we can fit the car in.

The bar has prime position next to the kitchen. It is fabulous!

Pool table is also in a good location in the main living room.

A few bits here and there to make it right.

and ta-da. All ready to live in!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stupid internet!

It is really hard to live-blog when the internet drops out!

We went to collect the moving truck and when we came back, the internet had dropped as per many a Saturday morning/midday/afternoon when there are too many users for the poor country (huge, nation-wide, half of duopoly) to handle. Then, of course, they could not move the internet to the new place until Wednesday despite being contacted last Thursday.

So the move, in hindsight, went like this:

10am - picked up budget rental truck. Llew drove it to old house. I drove to new house with already packed car-load and meet Dad there after off-loading his car.

11:15 - Truck load and Llew and helper Adam arrive at new house. I leave new house back to old house.

12:00 - take third car-load to new house. Boys go back to old house.

12:15 - sit and look at the view for 5 minutes. Wow. Back to old house.

2pm - Dad has been back for 4th car-load and is back at old house. Both cars loaded, plus Adam's car and the truck. We have almost everything, and all we need for today. 3 cars, 1 truck, 6 people, 1 cat, and off we go.

2:30 - I waited at McDonalds drive-through for 15 minutes while they do this new thing that they are so proud of which is to only make the burgers when you order them. Yes, wanting 6 burgers and 6 fries is obviously too much for drive-through! (Sorry Alice, we succumbed to what we thought was fast food).

3pm- We are all sitting on the patio looking at the veiw, eating McDs and drinking beer. Job well done.