Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some views

Been very busy with work. Now Llew has finally finished teaching and marking, but now is full ball on the conference in 4 weeks from today. I have been doing a lot during the week and then just want to do nothing on the weekend. I especially don't really feel like spending any more time on the computer. Hence the lack of blogging in the last 2 months. Not a lot has happened. We are enjoying the new house. Had a house warming party. Had friends over for dinner. It is getting hot. 35 or 36 C the last two weeks. Still cools down remarkably in the evening and we get a nice breeze up on the hill here. The hot weather has made for plenty of bushfires though. Below are some views from various times.
Couple of weeks ago, fine, warm, cockatoos, cat...

Nice sunset with only a little haze and smoke.

More of that...

Then some more smoke came. Really red, but hard to breathe!

Started getting so bad that we couldn't see the city.

No more red sunset - not really any sunset at all.

The only hope was rain, but clouds come and go, no rain.
In the end, there was a total fire ban and it was really choking. This was about the worst on Saturday evening after more smoke blew in and settled in the valley.
Earlier, the kangaroos in the backyard didn't seem to mind.
Then Saturday night - hallelujah! Lots of down-pouring rain from about 11pm! Tonight was a much better sunset! Hope it doesn't get smokey again this week.