Monday, June 30, 2008


A few posts ago you would have seen the skeleton of the kitchen cabinet. Well, here it is (almost) finished. I still have to make a drawer to go in the bottom, but at least it is useful now for what Llew wanted it for.

These were the important part. They are for all of his cutting boards and trays.

We also could put the microwave in it and have room to store more things on top.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What have we been up to?

Started the week not doing much. Just a little on the kitchen cabinet.

Wednesday we had a little trip to Gladstone to the CQU campus there. I had a meeting with the guy I will be doing some Materials research with in the coming months. It all went well and I saw all of the labs there. Llew came with me and talked to a few people there about a course they lecture and robots. We had some lunch and then drove back. It is about an hour and a half drive each way (110km).

One thing Gladstone is famous for is the aluminium plant. Guess where it is? Hint: It processes bauxite.
It is also one of the largest coal ports in Australia. Right near the CQU campus and the lovely marina.
Thursday I went in to work with Llew and talked to the coordinator for the Physics course I'll be helping teach. It is Engineering Physics and involves thermodynamics and waves. I got the study guides and have started going through them. I actually have an easy job because I am looking after the flexible learning students. That means I have to be available to answer questions and help them with their online work. I don't have to lecture, even though I am a lecturer. Then I'll have marking to do for those students too. Don't worry, there probably won't be more than 30 students!
Friday I had a job interview for a first year coordinator position for the student support centre. I thought it sounded research focussed in the description, but it turns out to be very admin focussed. I don't think I'll get the job, as I have not had much experience with it, but even if I do, I'm considering putting my PhD qualifications to a more appropriate use. At least now I have had some interview experience.
Today we started sorting out the boxes stored down stairs. We really wanted to find a few things, some we did and some we didn't. We have now made a new list of the contents and put a few more bits permanently into plastic tubs for unlimited storage with easy access. Bit more to do on that tomorrow, then I'll get back to this cabinet! Llew keeps telling me he needs to put the cutting boards and baking trays away!
So, there, no more asking what have we been doing. Now you know.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More woodwork, and...

I finished the desk! And it is in its final resting place. I am very pleased with the colour and finish and I sat at it and it feels good.

My next project: a kitchen cabinet for Llew. There will be a drawer in the bottom, vertical slots in the second shelf, the microwave on the third shelf and storage on top. The front of each will have moulding and it will all be stained the same colour as the desk.

Now on to Llew's endeavours. Apart from working, he has, of course, been cooking. Fabulous hamburgers.

The best Thai green curry ever. Of course I did not have the coriander and chili on top, but it was delicious with toasted coconut.

Peanuts thinks it's all not worth it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Long weekend

This weekend was a long weekend with Monday being a holiday. Llew's parents were coming up so we tidied up. During that job, we decided to rearrange the lounge so that all couches can see the TV properly. Thus we moved a bookshelf and bits and pieces. Looks better now.

Also cleaned up the kitchen. Yes, we had a hole for the fridge and no, the fridge does not fit in it by about an inch on top! Oh well. It's OK where it is and it's only for a little while.

Once the parents arrived, we had to think about food. Saturday night we thought simple and went to the restaurant attached to the Travelodge called Riverside Restaurant. Don't go there. Just don't. Very slow for food to come out. All the food was overcooked (despite being asked for medium lamb). The fish of the day had no flavour and all the salads were predominantly onion. The meals were expensive and no way worth it. Sunday lunch we had booked into Michael's at Yeppoon. It had been recommended to Pat. I will extend that recommendation to everyone too. Despite the 25 minute drive, it is WELL worth it. It was cold, overcast and windy, but still great to sit out on the balcony. It looks straight onto the beach and ocean. The menu is quite varied with a great selection of all three courses. At the moment they offer 2 courses for $45 or 3 courses for $55. We thought that at that kind of restaurant at that price, the courses would be small. No. They were a good size. The entrees were decent, a lot of people could eat that as a main. The mains were quite large and I had trouble making a dent. Llew helped me out after finishing his, so I think his was not too big for him. Then Llew and I shared a dessert sampler. We were asked what was best and which we would have next time. We both think the sampler was the best! A bit of everything. YUM. Even with a few beers and 2 bottles of wine, it was very reasonable. So, come and visit us, and go there!

So we drove home via Emu Park and looked around the area. Emu Park is nicer than Yeppoon and we think would be a nicer place to live. We played pool and drank beer all afternoon then had a simple BBQ for dinner. Now, this is, of course, Llew's version of a simple BBQ. Saturday night when we came home from the bad dinner (we were early home even after all the waiting, because we didn't have dessert), Llew ground up some annato seeds and other spices, then blended that with garlic and onion and then we marinated chicken thighs overnight. The BBQ was in the weber, with real hardwood charcoal. Nothing fake or chemically flavoured. At first it was a bit smokey...

But really no problem as the chimney works a treat.

It doesn't take anywhere near as long as brickettes either, but still enough time for a drink.

Getting some flames now.

Lots of flame and time to turn it out. Not as bad as it looks as it was a long photo, but still a good result from the chimney.

Now let them die down a bit.

We were joined by Peanuts who really just wanted to rub on everything. He is such a scaredy cat that every time a car went past he ran inside. Sheesh.

Now time for the chicken...
and mushrooms before they were put in the same marinade.
On the BBQ with it all. On with the lid and a few minutes later...
On the plate! With a quickly whipped up salad with mustard dressing.
Aaawww, Mum, Dad and son.

We really enjoyed the weekend. A lot of jobs got done, a lot of fun, a lot of food, showed them the area and really filled up the time. A good time had by all.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ok, ok, we are still alive!

Yes, we are still alive. We have been both busy, and not doing anything much. Well, not much that can be blogged about, just work for Llew and humming around for me.

First thing to talk about are a few things Llew has been cooking. A fabulous, thick pumpkin soup with bacon and croutons. The other night, Llew used the leftover as about half of the bechemel sauce in a lasagne. It made the bechemel really creamy without being rich or fatty from cheese. Just a good idea for a vegan lasagne, just use the pumkin soup. Of course then you would need water pasta, not egg pasta and a vegetable stew instead of meat sauce, but it would have the right texture contrasts and different flavours (it's all about the flavour).

Dessert was a chocolate, malted, flake shake like Wendy's.

Another meal was beef cheek. This is the piece of beef cheek marinated for ages in various flavours and then slow cooked for a few hours then chilled in its sauce. Then it is taken out (this photo) and sliced thickly and laid in an oven dish, covered with the sauce and warmed up again. Llew said it was great.

A few roast veges that went interesting. The onion leaked and popped its middle out of its end, the garlic turned to melted, foamy marshmallow type goo, and the tomato obviously expanded too big for its skin!

OK, off the topic of food. The other member of the family at the moment is very lazy, and when he is awake, likes to play. PLAY!

Get the camera...! Get it!

He just sits and takes it, though!

Next topic - pool table. This table was given to us from Llew's Dad from Grandad. It needed new felt, bumpers and pockets and here it is with new balls. It is only a small, so the balls are 3/4 size. Still very hard to get in the small pockets.

Ready for the first hit...


So, I lie when I say I just hum around all day. Some of the time I spend down in the workshop. This is only one of my assortment of toys. I plan on making a few furniture items.

The first is this desk which is screwed together now, and just needs to be stained and varnished and the hinges put on.

Old school desk style with flip up lid.

I'll put more pics once it is complete. I'll also take some of the next few bits that will be made.

So, now you are up to date. I don't want to hear anything about infrequent blogging. It will come when there is something to talk about :)