Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aussie Party

We had our Aussie party on Saturday afternoon and evening. Of course after a week of fine weather it rained and stormed all day Saturday. It was just enough to not be able to sit at tables outside, but light enough to sit out under a garden umbrella at times. So everyone crowded into Robin's house. It was cozy, but fun.

We had been cooking for a week beforehand and Macon and Adam had raised our lamb that we got done and Llew and Philip cut up on Wednesday. For afternoon tea we made pumpkin scones, ordinary scones, lamingtons, anzac biscuits, and vegemite sandwiches. For dinner there was roast lamb 2 ways (front legs with dry rub, back legs with garlic and herb marinade), lamb cutlets, lamb loin and lamb sausages, beef pies, grilled marinated vegetables, rice salad, corn and tomato salad, potato salad, bread rolls, and home made mint sauce and tzatziki. We also provided plenty of Fosters (the only Aussie beer you can get here) and Yellow Tail wine (which is also in vast supply here).

The only thing we asked of our guests was to come dressed as something or someone Australian. Some people did and it really added to the evening. Llew was Dame Edna and it was fabulous. We also had a quiz that some of the more willing filled out.

We ended with a showing of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert after many people had left. It got pretty good reviews.

The day and night were exhausting, but it was worth it becasue everyone had a good time. Alice was great to take photos of the time. The short version with captions can be found on her blog here. Alice and Steve.
The longer version without captions is here.

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alicepawley said...

if you help me remember this weekend, I'll burn you a CD of the photos. I keep meaning to do it and I keep forgetting... clearly. ;-)